OpenTable adds a new verified tag to restaurants to check vaccine status


OpenTable on adding a new feature which allow restaurants to mark diners as “confirmed” to meet entry requirements. The first-and-obvious-use of the confirmation feature is for restaurants that register guests who have received COVID-19, but this feature can also be used, for example, to ensure that the diner is of legal age or has other entry requirements.

The feature should be introduced in restaurants later this month and is designed to help restaurant owners make it easier to serve repeat customers, especially in cities like New York begin to introduce vaccination requirements for restaurants as the delta variant continues to rise.

The verification tag only applies to one restaurant or group of restaurants and does not record vaccination information or personal information. It is up to the restaurant itself to check the status of the diner’s vaccine according to which location complies with the vaccination requirements.

But in theory, the OpenTable system allows the diner to show proof of vaccination on their first visit and then facilitates future bookings. Because OpenTable does not extend “verified” space between different restaurants, you still need to fill this verification space in each new location you go to (unless they are used by the same group), but it can still be a handy feature for customers who frequently use the same locations.

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