OtterBox’s latest game clip jumps aboard the MagSafe train


OtterBox’s latest game controller holder is MagSafe compatible for iPhone 12, and it costs $ 39.99. Compared to its own previous $ 30 game clip Revised earlier this year, it streamlines the phone’s connection to the controller holder by letting it snap seamlessly with magnets – in other words, MagSafe technology (TM). This solution is better than traditional controller holders that squeeze around the edges of the phone screen. I just hope this works with other phones.

Some MagSafe-compatible accessories can also charge iPhone 12 series models, but in this case, OtterBox’s MagSafe game holder seems to boil “it’s a round magnetic surface”. Its product page has no special features other than removing the magnetic arm from the controller to act as a telephone holder. You also don’t need to own an OtterBox MagSafe case, but the company says you get “the best experience and protection”.

Otterbox MagSafe game holder

The bracket can be detached from the controller to operate in tabletop mode.
Photo: OtterBox

Regarding controller compatibility, OtterBox says on its website that this new clip is compatible with a newer Xbox Series X / S controller, an earlier Xbox One wireless controller, or an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. Oddly enough, it also offers a disclaimer that the clip is designed to “ensure trouble-free interference” in controller operations.

It’s easy to read it and think, “Wait, can magnets interfere with Bluetooth?” If this were the case, Bluetooth speakers, among many other devices, would not work properly. I think it means that your controller is working normally. Maybe the company just needed another line to connect that its product has MagSafe compatibility.

The MagSafe game holder is now available for iPhone 12 owners who want to conveniently attach the phone to a game clip with magnets and don’t want to pay a $ 10 fee. Otherwise, you can catch up with the previous model of OtterBox, which works as designed with almost any phone with a modern mobile operating system.

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