Pandora launches a new home screen widget for iPhone and iPad


Pandora is making interesting changes to its iOS app. If you’re using the streaming service app on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll soon notice a new home screen widget with many customization options.

With the latest version of the iOS app, you can now choose from 3 new Pandora widgets that allow you to view and play up to 7 recently played songs, albums, drives, playlists, and podcasts right from the Home screen.

Start customizing your Pandora experience by updating your iOS app through the App Store. Then press and hold the home screen until+The icon is displayed. Simply search for Pandora and select one of the three available sizes. When you’re done, tapAdd a widget“And your home widget should be available on the fly.

The new iPhone and iPad home screen widget requires iOS 14 or later, but that shouldn’t be a concern for most users.


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