Peacock’s supernatural Girl in the Woods series sets her actress


Peacock’s upcoming supernatural series The girl in the woods has chosen mainly. According to the deadline, the YA drama has chosen Stefanie Scott (Insidious: Chapter 3), Misha Osherovich (Scary) and Sofia Bryant (I’m not okay with this) series regularly, while Will Yun Lee (Good doctor), Kylie Liya Page (Social distance), Reed Diamond (13 reasons why) and Leonard Roberts (Magicians) has recurring roles with the user Jessica Jones led by Krysten Ritter, who directs half of the series.


The girl in the woods comes from Crypt TV and is based on their short films Door in the woods and its sequel The girl in the woods. The shorts follow Carrie, “a mysterious warrior who escaped a cult-like colony that guards the world from monsters hidden behind a secret door in the woods.”

Scott plays Carrie in the Peacock series as he “escapes the colony and finds himself fighting to stay safe in the previously sleepy little town of West Pine in the Northwest Pacific.”

Osherovich introduces Nolan, “a child of environmental activists who got into a city debate about the safety of a local mine, and a bullied teenager exploring gender identity. Nolan is skeptical of Carrie and the strange forces that start harassing West Pine after her arrival.”

Bryant plays Tasha, “the children of miners on the opposite side of the environmental debate. Despite the differences of their parents, Tasha and Nolan are best friends, albeit friends who react very differently to Carrie’s arrival. Where Nolan is skeptical at first, Tasha immediately seeks to help Carrie and learn more about the mysterious colony. “

Lee is Arthur Deane aka ‘AD’. “AD is Carrie’s former enemy mentor, tasked with hunting Carrie and returning her to the colony so she can face the consequences of her desertification.”

The page becomes Sara, “Carrie’s former best friend and flame from the Colony. Carrie and Sara have a long and complex history – a history that walks Carrie as she builds new relationships with Tasha and Nolan. “

Diamond plays Hosea, “the colonial leader of the forest, whose mission is to protect its secrets and uphold the practiced rules of the sacred institution of the community.”

Roberts plays Alex, Tasha’s loving father, and West Pine mining leader. Alex is naturally caring and welcomes Carrie. But he is facing great financial difficulties and pressures around the possible closure of the mines. The pressure that can make him a vulnerable colony to temptation. “


Jessica Jones‘Krysten Ritter will direct the first four episodes of the season with Jacob Chase (Come play) directs the last four including the season finale. Ritter will work alongside series editor-in-chief Casey Modderno alongside Crypt TV co-founder and CEO Jack Davis and Deputy CEO Darren Brandlin, Jeremy Elliott and Jasmine Johnson. Chase co-produces with franchise creator Joey Green and Cameron Fuller.

Door in the woods was written and directed by Joey Greene, and The girl in the woods wrote with David Calbert and Van Nguyen with Roxine Helberg. Peyton List and Kal Penn starred in the roles of Carrie and Arthur Deane The girl in the woods respectively.


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