Pegasus spyware is used to target the phones of journalists and activists


Whereas an extensive study by 17 media outlets found that the NSO Group’s Pegasus software was used in hacking attempts on a smartphone belonging to 37 human rights activists and journalists; Washington Post reported. The phones were on a leaked list of numbers found by the non-profit Hidden Stories of Parisian journalism and the human rights group Amnesty International, according to the Post. The numbers on the list were segregated for the countries of the NSO’s customers for possible surveillance, says a report that markets its spyware to governments to track down potential terrorists and criminals.

Pegasus can decrypt all mobile device data and activate the device’s microphone to eavesdrop on conversations. Caretaker notes. The list of suppliers is from 2016 Send reports, and it includes Post Office, CNN, Associated Press, The voice of america, New York times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg news, Le Monde, Financial Timesand Al Jazeera.

By email to Limit On Sunday, a representative of the UFO denied the allegations in the report, saying it was “full of false assumptions and unconfirmed theories that raise serious doubts about the reliability and benefits of the sources” and questioned the sources who provided the information.

“After reviewing their claims, we firmly dispute the false claims made in their report,” the statement continues. The company said it is considering a defamation lawsuit because it says “these allegations are so outrageous and far from reality.”

This is not the first time that NSO’s Pegasus spyware has been accused of participating in a broader surveillance campaign. Between July and August 2020, a research organization Citizen Lab found that Al Jazeera reporters owned 36 phones was hacked using Pegasus technology, possibly by hackers employed by Middle Eastern governments. In 2019 WhatsApp sued the UFO, claiming that Pegasus was used to hack WhatsApp’s encrypted chat service.

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