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Particulars Optic STB GT-X Pro FIRE TV STICK 4K MAX Dream TV Mini Ultra Xsarius-Aimax
Internal Storage  64GB 8GB 16GB 32GB
RAM Efficiency 4GB 2GB 2GB 2GB
Android OS 9.1 9.0 9.0 8.0
Remote Control Unit Infrared Remote Control Unit with backlit keypad Simple Remote Control Unit Simple Remote Control Unit Simple Remote Control Unit
  • Infrared Remote   Control Unit
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Optical Cable
  • Remote Control Unit
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Remote Control Unit
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Remote  Control Unit
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual
Output Resolution 4K 60fps 4K 60fps 4K 60fps 4K 60fps


  • The descriptive metamorphoses in the explanation above in the table, on the subject of all these devices, are present. Yet still, the fact that if you want detail of the hypothesis, then read the following writings.

In the past years, cable was the only source for people to watch their favorite content. There was a fixed time for the telecasting of programs. In case of any busy schedule, people missed their show. It means they are allowed either to watch the show or to miss it. The watching demand of people depended on the cable or IPTV box. It bound the people according to its telecasting schedule. There is no way to access any content again after its telecast. Sometimes, the cable cuts in the middle of the show, and people missed the high voltage situation of their content. Also, the cable operators urge them to pay for all the channels that they don’t even watch. 

Besides this, the streaming quality of programs was also too low. People were forced to watch content full of freezing and buffering. They have to bear all it because there was no other way of watching content. If we say that cable makes the choice and mood demands it’s restricted then it is completely true. Because they are not allowed to watch their favorite shows according to their mood or choice. But watch them according to the cable telecasting schedule.

Revolution of Set-top Boxes:

To cope with this, a device is innovated by the manufacturing companies named as Set-top boxes. This small tiny box changed the overall perspective of people regarding watching content. It allows people to watch thousands of different content at any time and anywhere without considering the time limit. It allows them to watch their missed program with the help of its recording option. Moreover, there is no specific period to keep the recorded show in it. It means it depends on the user’s choice.

Let me tell you a one more wonderful thing! Users can watch their favorite program in 4K UHD quality, which is 1000X better than local cable. With this streaming quality, you can experience the nearly invisible bezel. No matter how much time you played the particular show, there will be no quality difference in it. 

People who want to get the cinema vibes easily at home can make a long list of music and movies in it. As it joins them with highly efficient internal storage. You don’t have to stare at the screen for loading the program. Because its RAM speeds up the processing time of apps. It means zero delays in the content. 

In short, this TV Box changed the way of watching TV in very little time. It’ all because of its wide range of benefits. It works on the demand and choice of people not making the people restricted to its frustrating schedule like local cable.

Features of a good TV Box

As we know that set-top box is the new trend in the commercial market with a lot of benefits, people in a large proportion move towards it. Because they want to make it their source of entertainment. In this, many companies started their business. For getting quick market goodwill, they start introducing boxes with low-quality features. In this way, many people waste their money by purchasing them. Some brands offer these boxes with fewer features at a very low rate. But a box without some essential features is useless. To cope with this, we are going to tell you some features that a buyer should always consider while getting his or her hands on the best IPTV Boxes in Germany.

  • It should have efficient internal storage (more than 32GB).
  • There should be sufficient RAM for speeding up the processing time.
  • Have latest and updated system software i.e. Android OS.
  • It should come with necessary accessories so that you do not have to buy them separately.
  • The overall procedure of setting it up should be easy yet advanced.

A TV Box with the above-mentioned features will be a complete entertainment package.

Best Brand with Super Quality

In this world, everyone is busy earning more and more money. Companies start adopting illegitimate ways to increase their income. They produced their products with cheap quality material and offer them at lower rates. People forget about the quality and only consider the prices which result in the wastage of money. Some brands sell their products only on the behalf of their market goodwill. If we examine the features of their TV Boxes, we will get to know that there is no point in their devices being admired. 

In this alarming market situation, a company Optic STB makes its place in less than no time. They impress the people fed up with the fake companies with their best and advanced TV Boxes. According to the user’s experience, it has been found out that their boxes are uniquely designed with excellent features. The specification of their TV boxes shocked the people. Because it is impossible to get incredible features at an affordable price.

Proof of above Claim

For proving the above claim and to make our firm believe in Optics product, we are going to compare one of its TV box Optic STB GT-X Pro Comparison with three reputed companies products including FIRE TV STICK 4K MAX, Dream TV Mini Ultra, and Xsarius-Aimax

Comparison Features:

  1. Internal Storage
  2. RAM Efficiency
  3. User Interface Design
  4. Accessories
  • Internal Storage

Nowadays, people are too much busy with their work schedules. They got no time to spend with their loved ones. In a hectic week, if they luckily get a chance to have some fun, they want to save every moment of it. Because these moments become the source of happiness in tough times. Moreover, people who are fond of music want to save their favorite content, so that they can access it whenever the mood strikes. 

For this, companies introduced the concept of internal storage in electronic devices including smartphones, laptops, and TV boxes. A device with this facility helps to keep the data along with the individual. People can keep their favorite program and music list in the TV box and watch it whenever the mood strikes. The main benefit of internal storage is that users do not have to search the content repeatedly in time of need. It means your favorite content is just one click away.

GT-X Pro Box Comparison is an ideal option as it comes with an extra efficient 64GB internal storage. It allows the users to make a list of thousands of content in it. They don’t have to incur their money on the purchase of external storage devices.

  • Other Products

On the other hand, none of the other three TV boxes is liable to be compared with the Optics box. Because Xsarius-Aimax is designed with only 32GB of storage capacity. This type of storage in this modern age of advancement is just a source of frustration and nothing else. While FIRE TV STICK 4K MAX and Dream TV Mini Ultra ranks lower than the Aimax. Both of these products contain only 8GB storage. It means it becomes compulsory to buy an external storage device if you go with these boxes.

  • RAM Efficiency

RAM is the most important feature of a TV box. It allows you to perform multiple tasks at a moment. You don’t have to wait for the completion of one task to continue another one. If you want to download something, you can do it by watching your favorite content. Furthermore, an efficient RAM facilitates its users with the fast loading of apps. You don’t have to stare at the screen to wait for the content to be played. It means you are just one click away from your favorite content.

Optic STB GT-X Pro Comparison will entertain you with 4k streaming quality with its fast processing system. As it has 4GB DDR 4 RAM, information will process quite efficiently and effectively. You can download any kind of app in just a few second because 4GB speed up the loading time of apps.

  • Other Products

As far as RAM is concerned, GT-X Pro again wins the argument. Because when we notice the RAM efficiency of Xsarius-Aimax, we will find that it has only 2GB of RAM. Likewise, FIRE TV STICK 4K MAX and Dream TV Mini Ultra also come with the same RAM i.e. 2GB. No doubt, 2GB RAM is good enough but it will not allow you to perform as many tasks as GT-X Pro allows you. In case, if you succeed in performing multiple tasks with these products, then you will surely notice a major difference in power of efficiency between these three devices and Pro one.

  • User Interface Design

Not everyone is well aware of the technical terms. It requires special knowledge to understand the features of any electronic device. Moreover, brands make their TV Boxes too advanced which results in the understanding of users. They forget that these boxes are not going to be used by people full of technical knowledge. But by the general public. A box with such difficult settings makes people depend on others for utilizing the benefit of the particular box. In this, they miss many best features and stick onto some of the common features that they understood. It means they do not properly utilize the features of the TV box due to its difficult UI design.

But Optic STB GT-X Pro Comparison is designed with a lot of care having an advanced yet simple UI design. So that its users don’t have to depend on others and can utilize all its features benefits. It allows the people to set it up in a few minutes. It means you can save time and access your program easily.

  • Other Products

For this feature, we will talk collectively about the other three products. You are not going to get this much easy and latest UI Design in any other brand product like GT-X Pro.

  • Accessories

Satisfying customer is the top priority of every good company including Optics. A customer’s feeling should be at prime when using their products. Optic STB GT-X Pro Comparison is packed for a premium experience and packaged with a lot of care including all the accessories. Like the box itself, power adaptor, optical cable for a better sound experience, HDMI cable for connecting to the TVs, remote controller for accessing the set-top box, and a user manual on how to properly use all the functions and how to get full use of its features. 

  • Other Products

But if you see on the other Smart TV Boxes, it means Xsarius-Aimax along with the other two boxes (FIRE TV STICK 4K MAX and Dream TV Mini Ultra). They don’t even bother to package all the accessories required to set up these boxes. It means these accessories are available for standalone purchase for more profits, by which the customers have to buy some of these accessories separately that increasing cost.

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