Pest Control Tips for the Hospital Setting

When you have a hospital and medical facility, it’s no wonder you have pest control issues. Every day, thousands of people pass through your doors. Not only that, but these people are also coming in contact with various types of pests. No matter where you are in the world, you know that pests can cause many problems.

The medical environment can be even more prone to pests than other places. It’s easy for insects and rodents to find shelter and food, and you have a lot of people coming in contact with diseased people. Therefore, it’s important to take good care of your Pest Control Hospital, so you don’t attract more insects that can spread the disease.

Here are some tips for keeping your pest control clean and Pest Control for Hospital, medical facilities, or nursing homes.

Make sure your pest control is registered.

Before you hire any Pest Control for Hospital company, do some research. Find out what licenses they have been granted and what certifications they hold. If they are not certified, they could be dangerous to your facility. You must hire a company that can handle the types of pests you have in your hospital or medical facility.

Check with your state health department. Most states have a website where you can look up registered companies in the state. This can give you an extra level of protection – the state health department can pull a company’s license if they discover they are doing business in the state without a license.

Have a pest management plan

Not every pest is going to be able to be controlled right away. This is especially true at a medical facility where people are dealing with health problems often caused by vermin.

When you have a plan for controlling specific pests, you can use it if you have to. For example, if you know that the hospital will be dealing with a lot of rodents, you can enact your pest management plan.

You don’t have to use your plan every time you have a pest issue, but it can help if you have to take care of it immediately. Also, when you have a plan, it will be easier for you to communicate it to your Pest Control for Hospital company if you have to hire one.

Keep your drains clean.

If you have drains in your building, they will be a haven for insects. You can’t permanently seal the drain, but you can keep them clean. Plus, when they are clean, they are less likely to trap other types of waste. On the other hand, if a drain becomes blocked, you risk exposing your patients to pathogens.

The best way to keep your drains clean is to have a regular cleaning schedule. Then, use drain cleaners and bleach to keep your drains free of debris.

Don’t put any cleaners down a drain that will down a patient’s drain, either. If you need a cleaner, make sure you use a container and a funnel.

Don’t use candles as your only source of light.

Candles are great for some things, but you shouldn’t use them for light. Candles create smoke, and that smoke can attract pests. Plus, you don’t want to use up oxygen in the room that your patients need.

Instead, use overhead lamps and wall fixtures for your lighting. Make sure you keep your light switches clean, as well.

Always check for nests before you shut off the power

You have to be careful when shutting off the power because you don’t want to shut it off in a way that will cause a fire hazard.

However, you also don’t want to leave your electricity on. Instead, you want to make sure you shut off the power to allow you to come back on quickly.

You can do this by checking for any nests before you shut off the power. For example, you might find a nest where you can safely cut the power without having a fire hazard.

Another way to check for nests is to use a camera that monitors the room. These cameras can help you check for cords, holes in the floor, or holes in the wall.


There’s no doubt that pests can pose a serious health risk at your medical facility. So you have to take good care of your Pest Control for Hospital and keep your drains and lights clean.

You can keep your pests under control and protect your patients with a little effort.

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