Phone Screen The COVID-19 virus test turns out to be as accurate as those nasty nasal wipes

Did you know that cotton swabs taken from the phone screen instead of the nose or throat can produce Covid-19 virus detection accuracy levels reminiscent of invasive cotton swabs? Just so a The Diagnosis Biotech team left successfully, calling it – surprise, surprise – the phone screen testing method (PoST).

Founded by Dr. Rodrigo Young of the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, People Diagnosis Biotechnology admitted that people who tested positive for the gold standard PCR test also got a positive result on a phone screen sample.

In fact, the Telephone Screen Test (PoST) method meant the presence of the virus on the screen more than 80% of the time, similar to what popular antigen side tests manage to pull off, but with throat and nose wipes. According to Dr. Rodrigo Young:

Diagnosis Biotech has applied this type of screening to companies and schools in Chile to determine the viability of the method and is working on a mobile device that can obtain a phone for sampling and send the results to the owner via text message to avoid physical physical situation. contact part.

The mass application and preferably home test kits are hopefully not far away. On another note – can you vividly imagine the flora and fauna already living on your phone screen?

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