Plague Tale: Requiem coming in 2022


At this year’s E3 2021 Xbox Games demo, Focus Home Interactive and developer Asobo Studio announced Plague Story: Requiem, an award-winning sequel praised by critics in 2019 Plague Tale: Innocence. The brand new announcement trailer is shown below.


The story of Hugo and Amician continues in Plague Story: Requiem when their struggle for survival in rats and plague in the medieval world takes them on an epic new adventure. The couple is a little older and their coping skills have improved a bit, but this new adventure offers challenges they have to overcome to survive.





After the first award-winning adventure, set out with Amician and his brother Hugo in a new powerful search for hope as a terrible curse hunts them down. Sacrifice your innocence to save your loved one, in the face of the wildness of a collapsing world when it is in a sea of ​​teeth and nails.

Plague Story: Requiem will be available for Xbox Series X / S, Playstation 5, and PC in 2022, and will be available as part of the console and PC Xbox Game Pass on the release date. It will also be released on the Nintendo Switch using Nintendo Cloud Streaming technology.

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