Plex’s free TV service gets 15 new channels


Plex, a popular proprietary streaming service, has added 15 new channels to its ad-supported streaming offering for free TV.

All new channels are available Plexin free live TV the feed arrives on the service today, and most are available worldwide (although the spokesman said Limit available only in Latin America or the United States). Plex originally launched free TV feature last year as a collection of pre-programmed, continuous channels instead of traditional radio broadcasts. So it is not quite live TV, but it offers a similar linear experience if you just want to throw something on.

Some of these significant additions to these new channels include MMA TV, USA Today, USA Today Sportswire and Tribeca Channel. For a complete list of channels added today, see Plex summaries:

  • AfroLandTV (worldwide)
  • WildEarth (global)
  • Johnny Carson TV (worldwide)
  • Carol Burnett Show (worldwide)
  • MMA TV (worldwide)
  • USA TODAY (global)
  • USA TODAY Sportswire (global)
  • Motorvision TV (Spanish, available in the US, Latin America and Spain)
  • MST3K (United States and Canada)
  • Yell! Factory TV (US and Canada)
  • Tribeca Channel (US and Canada)
  • Love Nature en Español (United States)
  • Walking Dead Universe (United States)
  • BUZZR (United States)
  • Motorvision TV (Portuguese, available in Brazil)

Plex’s user-friendly Live TV service currently supports 182 free channels and 24 news-specific channels. IFC Films Picks, IGN, Reuters, Yahoo! Economy, Cheddar News, Newsy and FuboTV Sports Network are the most significant channels already available. The service also only supports HD channel filtering. If your subscription is faster, the service also offers a set of free movies for streaming.

Plex is widely known as a customizable content server, which inherently makes it a a little piracy paradise. But it is increasingly relying on the legalized combined streaming option and expanding its streaming partnerships.

“With [every] a new addition, we will focus on continuing to expand our list to provide entertainment options that speak to everyone, ”said Shawn Eldridge, Director of Strategic Alliances and Content. Limit.

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