PlugWalkJoe was arrested in connection with the hacking of famous Twitter accounts in 2020


Joseph O’Connor, a 22-year-old British citizen passing the “PlugWalkJoe” handle, was arrested in Spain on Wednesday for his connection 2020 Twitter hacking which jeopardizes the accounts of former President Barack Obama and Elon Musk and ran more than $ 100,000 on Bitcoin. In press release on the arrestThe U.S. Department of Justice writes that O’Connor is also accused of “computer intrusions related to the takeover of TikTok and Snapchat user accounts.”

O’Connor was arrested on several occasions for conspiracy with computers and unauthorized access to computers without permission and “for the purpose of extorting a valuable thing from a person, conveying a threatening communication” among several other charges, the Justice Department writes. By Krebs on security, O’Connor was known as a sim-swapper, a method of hijacking valuable social media accounts by manipulating cell phone workers by copying phone numbers so hackers can intercept two-factor authorization requests.

In an interview with the user New York Times Performed with several hackers involved in the Twitter violation, O’Connor openly identified himself as PlugWalkJo and confirmed that the hackers had taken over the Twitter credentials through an internal Slack company. At the time, O’Connor was pretty good about his involvement and apparent security: “They can come arrest me. I would laugh at them. I haven’t done anything,” he said. Times.

Today’s arrest is only the latest as a result of the offense. Graham Ivan Clark, the “teen” of the whole plan, was arrested alongside Named “Rolex” Fazeli and Mason “Chaewon” Sheppard in July last year. Clark has been since sentenced to three years in prison their role in hacking.

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