Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl look wonderful in the new trailer


At Pokémon-Nintendo unveiled a trailer that presented a whole lovely new look Pokémon Brilliant diamond and Great gem. The clip gave a good overview of the world itself and some improved elements, such as what sounds like a good orchestral mix. You can also decorate pokeballs with stickers now and — eventually — really change the way you look in the game.

Brilliant diamond and Great gem are reruns of the 2006 Nintendo DS games Diamond and Pearl. The new versions have a much changed Chibi art style and “some modern player friendly features Pokémon games, ”according to Nintendo. It includes a favorite fan feature where Pokémon can follow you as you explore the world. In addition, they are expected to contain the same story and world as the originals. The reforms were was originally announced in February alongside Pokémon Legend: Arceus, an open world prelude to be released next year.

It’s a bit of a busy time Pokémon franchising at the moment. In addition to new games, e.g. Pokémon Snap just got a big update Pokémon Go continue to talk (though somewhere in conflict), and competitive strategy game Pokémon Unite recently debuted on Switch, and the Mobile version is expected next month.

Brilliant diamond and Great gem is expected to launch on November 19th. On November 5, the special version of Switch Lite will be released Pearl / diamond visual.

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