Pokémon Go is still incredibly meaningful


Albeit Pokémon Go turns five this week, it continues to be strong with upcoming events, some notable fans and a lot of profit. It looks like Niantic on its own Pokémon Go brought in more than $ 5 billion since then its launch in July 2016, averaging about $ 1 billion a year, According to Sensor Tower analytics. The game started with a viral feeling, but it is apparently there was a lasting force for five years. Sensor Tower claims it Pokémon Go players spent $ 1.3 billion in 2020, improving their record-breaking 2019 revenue by about $ 400 million.

Sensor Tower data seems to show that the game not only survived the pandemic, but became stronger. It’s a little surprising, at least for me, given how few I still know about players. Sensor Tower mentions Niantic updates to the game as one of the reasons for the game’s success in 2020 when the company did it more suitable for the world where people may not have been able to go for a walk or gather in large crowds.

While Niantic has not released its own issues or reasons for success, we know it intends to continue to adapt to the new reality. When we move to the second half of 2021, Niantic will say it reverting some changes it did in response to the pandemic while keeping some around and modifying the game further.

The game doesn’t seem to be losing steam in 2021 – Niantic will be on July 17th and 18th by holding an online Pokémon Go Fest, with some cities arranging personal events Day 17. The event is music-themed, and admission costs $ 5, up from $ 14.99 in previous years, in honor of the game’s five-year season. The game also recently received the cry of Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto in the investor’s questions and answers, where the creator Mario and Zelda said they were hooked on playing Pokémon Go with his family.

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