Poll: What is the best iPhone ever?


Poll: What is the best iPhone ever?

Another day, a new poll! This is a big dick, guys! I know some of you may not like the fact that we make Apple-related content all the time, but I can assure you that we try to balance things as much as we can.

And we simply couldn’t ignore the fact that the iPhone as a device and overall experience has impacted virtually every major smartphone brand on the planet. Many claim that we have a modern smartphone as it is now Apple and iPhone.

While I personally refrain from such radical opinions, there is some truth to it. But which model, if any, is the best of all?

I admit that my personal experience with iPhone is pretty limited – I remember being pleasantly surprised iPhone 5design when Apple decided to go metal.

My colleagues usually flock iPhone 4 their personal favorite – it was a masterpiece of design – doing the glass bread thing years before his time. iPhone X started the notch wars (revolution), and to this day people are polarized from this. Let’s not forget the two SE models, some people like them a lot.

So, yeah – vote for the best iPhone ever and share your thoughts in the comments below!

The survey runs until Monday, and once we get the winner, we’ll send Apple a notification saying, “do more like this, please.”

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