Port Royale 4 informed Nintendo Switch


Kalypso Media and developer Gaming Minds Studios are bringing in their marine simulator Port Royale 4 To the Nintendo Switch on May 28th. This first-ever 18th-century trade simulator with Switch is specifically designed to take advantage of the console’s features, including full touch screen support.


Port Royale 4 players take on the role of a young and ambitious governor in controlling the emerging colony of the Caribbean. The task of the players is to join one of the colonial powers of the era (England, Spain, France and the Netherlands) and grow their small settlement into a busy and prosperous trading city.

Players can build production chains that connect multiple islands and create complex trade routes throughout the region. However, money and success get unwanted attention, and players have to keep an eye on pirates and other self-employed people who want easy gold in their chests.




  • Four colonial power plants: England, France, Spain and the Netherlands, each offering different benefits and a unique style of play.
  • Four single-player campaigns that follow each country.
  • Four different character classes: Scientist, Merchant, Buccaneer, and Pirate.
  • Create trade routes with 60 Caribbean cities in a vast gaming world that covers an area of ​​12 million square kilometers.
  • Navigate rocks, shallow waters and stormy weather areas.
  • Produce items like rum, luxury and more from 50 different buildings.
  • Build urban buildings with neighborhood impacts.
  • Embark on sailing 18 historically authentic ships from the late 16th and 18th centuries.
  • Take part in tactical turn-based naval battles against powerful captains.
  • Increase reputation with selected superpower to open licenses, building permits, new buildings and ships.

Port Royale 4 drops anchor on Nintendo Switch on May 28th.




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