Best POS Ecommerce Integration Systems Of 2022

When starting an OMNI commerce journey, the one thing that bothers most retailers is finding the best POS eCommerce integration software that automates inventory across physical and online channels, saving their time and energy. 

The integration helps simplify order management and update inventory status on a real-time basis. Retailers can now have access to detailed reports and insights on supply and demand changes for every product. It prevents the risk of overselling and going out of stocks on popular items. 

If you are looking for a robust POS e-commerce integrator to shift your business online, these options might help.  

Please note for consistency, we have compared their ‘starter’ packages.

SkuIQ Accumula Kosmos Octopus
Plan Basic Connect Warmup Freemium
Monthly Fee $45 $69 $49 $59
Number of Orders 400 100 Unlimited Unlimited
SKUs Unlimited 20000 Unlimited Unlimited
Quantity Sync Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full Item Sync No No No Yes
Order Sync No No No Yes
Locations 1 1 1 1
Multi-Channels No No No Yes
Amazon Integration No No No Yes
eBay Integration No No No Yes
Walmart Integration No No No Yes
Farfetch Integration No No No Yes
Google Shopping/LIA No No No Yes
Supported POS Lightspeed + 4 Lightspeed + 2 Lightspeed + 4 Lightspeed + 30
Trial 30 Days 14 Days 14 Days 21 Days


SKU IQ is a plug-and-play system that takes care of your inventory and accelerates your sales. It can help set up your online store by syncing your inventory and uploading all the required data online. This way, when a person makes an order through your online store, it would automatically be deducted from your website.  

In addition to that, SKU IQ also collects additional data to reconcile in the form of reports that helps you discover your top customer, most sold item, and much more. The platform also allows you to incorporate the BOPIS model for selling to local customers on in-store pickup.  

SKU IQ offers some great features like- 

  • Unlimited users access  
  • Process unlimited SKUs 
  • Facilitates cross channel sales and product report 
  • Enable product catalog migration  

However, the one thing that doesn’t align well here is the number of orders SKU IQ can handle at a time. Its basic plan starts with only 400 orders a month that is relatively less for any business that wants to scale. Also, retailers can only sync quantities and not orders.  

And, if you exceed your order limit, there are certain additional charges that you have to pay for processing those orders via SKU IQ.  

Plus, the retailers cannot create any items which limit the operational efficiency of any business. The customer support of SKU IQ isn’t much impressive, only considers email and chat supports for addressing any query. SKU IQ does offer a 30-days trial for any of its plans, starting from $45/month. 

Octopus Bridge (24Seven Commerce)

Octopus channel is a cloud-based integration software that helps retailers connect POS with their online stores. The integration automates retail business operation and offers a 24*7 sync to continuously updated information without human intervention.  

The retailers can connect single or even multiple POS with their online store in just a few clicks through the Octopus channel. The connector simplifies product management by uploading stock details and making POS data compatible with e-commerce. You can also integrate the BOPIS model to gain more interaction for your store.  

With Octopus, you can collaborate with various POS systems, including Bepoz, Fred POS, JCSsoft POS, Keystroke, Liquor POS, and many others. Not only this, you can set up your stores in Amazon, ChannelAdvisor, eBay, Walmart, Farfetch, and others via a single platform. 

Octopus is well-organized with unlimited order and SKU sync. Retailers can opt for its free plan that contains most of the features of a premium subscription. Octopus has a brilliant customer support service via email, phone, chat, video tutorials, knowledge-base with a dedicated account manager if you require more help. 

All this support is not just on the high-end subscriptions, it’s available in the free plan as well. It is also quite affordable from all the other options. 

 Plus, Octopus allows users to- 

  • Download web orders  
  • Third-party shipping integrations
  • Optimize product listing 
  • Set inventory and price rules 


Accumula allows you to be relevant in the industry by offering customers varied shopping choices, expanding buying options that never leave them unsatisfied. Buyers can shop through your offline store or on the website and opt for the in-store pickup option.  

The platform empowers retailers to make inventory available through any source, like a warehouse or multiple store locations. This way, your inventory constantly updates with no chances of errors or duplicate entries. You also get a complete customer history, highlighting all its touchpoints for maximum visibility.  

Besides providing such diverse features, Accumula lacks scalability. It only offers two paid plans where one can process 100 Shopify orders and another for 300 orders, which is relatively less than the industry standards.  

And, with every 100 additional Shopify orders, retailers have to pay $20/month.  

Also, it can only sync up to 20k SKUs; that’s somewhat limiting also. Accumula also does not offer many integration options with POS and online platforms. Besides, it isn’t cheap and charges $79 per month for their service. 

Accumula offers some extra-ordinary features including- 

  • Cross-platform expertise 
  • Dedicated onboarding 
  • Only email and chat support 
  • Orders and returns download 
  • No set-up fees 


Kosmos is the two-way sync middleware that can connect your POS with your online store within minutes. It allows you to sell in more places than you couldn’t priorly and help you make more revenue through your online store.  

Retailers can also establish a multi-location inventory, allowing online shoppers to check out the availability of an item in the physical store. The retailers can incorporate curbside pickup to encourage local customers to purchase from your store.  

Kosmos is a good option for all businesses. You can sync unlimited orders and SKUs. It centralizes product and order management by updating all required information from POS to your online store and vice-versa.  

Kosmos provides limited e-commerce and POS connection options that might be problematic for some retailers. Plus, here you can either sync orders or inventory and not both which is quite limiting for any business.  

Retailers can get customer support via an online knowledge base, emails, ticket system but it does lack phone support which is mostly preferred by retailers.  

Kosmos offers a 14-days free trial option for any of their plans, starting from $49 per month. The platform only allows 2 actions, and it charges $25/month for every extra action.  

Final thoughts

Choosing the right POS eCommerce integration software is challenging when you have such lucrative options available in the market.  

But, not all of them can be the one.  

If we had to select one from the lot we mentioned, it would surely be the Octopus channel. This POS eCommerce integration is a wholesome package that is scalable and feasible for all business types.   

Besides offering such robust features, Octopus Channel has a free plan that includes almost all features of its paid subscriptions. So, if you are someone looking for a dedicated solution that allows you to collaborate with various POS and set up your online store in big marketplaces, then the Octopus channel should be your go-to option.

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