Post-apocalyptic sci-fi horror Nebulous Dark gets a trailer and a poster


Giant Flick and Imagination Street Films, released this week on Amazon Prime, has shared a poster and trailer for sci-fi horror Foggy dark. The film was written and directed by Shahin Sean Solimon (Sinbad: Fifth trip), which also stars as a man who wakes up to realize that he is one of the last remaining people on earth and has lived there as new “tenants”; take a look here …


“It’s a very stylized and organic film that is suitable for classical genre films. I love Sci-Fi and I was always amazed at what those classic performances would accomplish,” says Solimon. “Actually, I would find myself looking forward to watching Twilight zone or External borders TV shows and interested in the genius of Manuscripts by Rod Serling and some other writers. Twists and bending of the mind. “According to Solimon.” I loved the storytelling, content, and characters on classic sci-fi TV that would drive the plot in a creative and supernatural setting. Foggy dark resonates with fans. It was fun to do and a good imagination for me and the team ”.

Captain Apollo wakes up to an endless time loop when he realizes he is in a post-apocalyptic state, the pandemic has wiped out most of the world’s population, and there are new tenants.

Nebulous Dark arrives on Amazon Prime Video on July 14th.

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