Post-Covid Digital Marketing Services and the E-Commerce Boom

It may be safe to come out of the bunker and look around. It is a post-covid world now. Perhaps, you will say that the world has been out and about for some time already. And that certain ordained circles never took to the bunker in the first place.

The necessary inclusions for naysayers, the high-minded and the non-sheeple having been made, we come back to the rest of the world. It is no exaggeration that a lot has changed in the past few years as a direct result of the pandemic. A lot was lost, but a lot was gained as well.

According to our digital marketing services the most gains were made by businesses that successfully made the ‘shift to online’ and fell on the sweet spot of lockdown production capacity and deliverability of goods. So basically, small businesses and locally sourced producers.

What is the E-commerce Boom

According to research by NikkeiAsia, e-commerce management platforms such as Shopee saw triple-digit growth between 2020 and 2021 all due to the boom of online shopping options. A whopping 50% of survey respondents said they now exclusively shop online.

That checks out to anyone who gives it a minute of thought. Imagine hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of bored, house-bound people with the luxury of Work From Home jobs. Where would all that pent-up energy go?

There are only so many movies one can watch on Netflix. After that, the heart and the hand reach for the credit card, to experience the thrill of packages arriving at your doorstep. That package delivery would oftentimes be the only visitor for days.

Auxiliary Services and the Rise of Digital Marketing

The rise of online businesses was not only global but most importantly local. Small business owners suddenly found themselves scrambling to capitalize on the growth of a captive market. That is when digital marketing agencies like Over2Digital came to the forefront.

While essential and emergency workers were holding the line for humanity and civilization as a whole, in the less serious but still significant arena of e-commerce, digital marketing agencies were bringing a system to the chaos of online shopping.

The mass of online retailers was herded into their proper niches through the efforts of digital marketing agencies and their teams of content creators, SEO specialists, web designers and developers. The industry truly stepped up and delivered on its promise of a digital future.

How Digital Marketing Can Help Businesses and Customers

Consider this scenario. You have a business selling handmade decorative lights in the form of strings or ornamental displays. You want people searching for such items to find your business on their search engine results page (SERP). But the lights aren’t coming on for your business.

In fact, all the search traffic is being hoarded by the song blinding lights by the Weeknd. A tenuous connection perhaps but you get the idea. The point is, with some basic maneuvering by a digital marketer, the user would have seen your business on the SERP instead.

The professional digital marketer would optimize your online business website so that you are found by the right audience when they look for the products and services you provide. This process known as search engine optimization is crucial to matching businesses to their clients.

Future Trends and Growth for e-Commerce

The new lifestyle trends established by the exigencies of the pandemic are now turning into norms. More and more people are used to making purchase decisions while browsing social media or watching short-length videos. These habits are not going to change anytime soon.

The retailers on the other hand are looking to finesse the way they provide services to these customers to retain existing buyers and acquire new ones. At the center of this e-commerce flow are digital marketers acting as ushers, directing businesses and users toward each other.

As the growth of online businesses continues, so will the discipline of digital marketing. Using new and more sophisticated tools to understand and master the algorithmic nature of SERPs and of social media advertising, the future is indeed in the hands of online marketers.

Summing Up

The thing about the vast internet landscape is that it can make you lose your voice amid a sea of noise, or more precisely, of content. Turning and turning in the widening gyre the customer cannot find the vendor. Apologies to Yeats, but things really were falling apart for a while there.

The advent of digital marketing is only a fad to those who have no understanding of how marketing functions as a pillar of commerce. And neither do they grasp how search engines and social media platforms answer to the omnipotent algorithm. Digital marketers know about both.

We hope that these digital warriors can sail through whatever is coming next with a lot more ease and efficiency, using lessons learned from the recent past. More so because retail therapy maintains its much-maligned but undisputed hold on the masses. We all love parcel day!

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