Prime members can get back $ 10 on Amazon Prime Day


Prime members can get back $ 10 for Amazon Prime Day

As last year, Amazon has relaunched the initiative to help small businesses use the website as a platform. Prime members will receive 7.6. – 20.6. $ 10 rebate for purchasing products offered by certain small business brands.

To receive a refund, you must meet a few conditions. First, you need to be a lead member to take advantage of the offer. Second, you will need to place a minimum order of $ 10 by June 20th. Keep in mind that gift cards, shipping costs and gift box fees will not be charged.

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A detail that is not immediately apparent on the Amazon website is that the offer is limited to one per account, which means that the maximum credit you can get here is $ 10. If you are part of an Amazon household, each member can receive a $ 10 rebate by making a qualifying purchase as described in the previous paragraph. for small businesses operating on the platform. You can use the $ 10 credit during the main day of June 21-22.

Some important warnings you should keep in mind are that your refund will be deducted if you return the product you purchased. In addition, you cannot use your credit to purchase any kind of digital products.

It looks like Amazon is trying to help small business owners recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. While this support is beneficial for small businesses, it is also a kind of self-investment. After all, the healthier the Amazon market, the more it thrives.

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