Prime Video releases new profile pictures for Amazon originals


Prime Video offers users more options to customize their user profiles by adding characters from the original series.

Amazon introduced user profiles Prime Video last year, and allowed previously supported custom images for individual user accounts. Now, however, users can choose to turn the account avatar into a character from one of nearly ten of Amazon’s original series, including Flea market, Wonderful Mrs. Maisel, Tom Clancyn Jack Ryan, The Expanse, Bosch, and more.

To change the user icon on the Prime Video website, go to the Prime Video home page and click “Manage Profiles” “Who’s Watching?” menu in the upper right corner. To change your user profile picture on iOS, Android, and Fire devices, go to the “My Stuff” menu in Prime Video. Click the profiles drop-down menu, then select “Edit.” Then click on the user profile image to select one of Amazon’s new original icons.

The new additions mark the first time the service has enabled profile picture options for the original popular characters. Amazon’s older icons are still available on the service, a spokesman said Limit. They can be found in the categories “Animals”, “Archetypes”, “Classic” and “Modes”.

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