Psychological thriller The perfect enemy gets a trailer and a poster



Brainstorm Media has released a declaration and trailer for director Kike Maílo’s psychological thriller The perfect enemy. Based on Amelie Nothomb’s novel Enemy cosmetics, the film follows architect Jeremy (Tomasz Kot) as the airport encounters a strange but intricate young woman (Athena Strates) taking a grim turn; take a look here …


Successful architect Jeremy Angustia approaches a fluffy woman named Texel Textor on her way to Paris CDG Airport. She is a strange young woman who seems to be looking for a captive audience that she is forced to listen to her strange stories. Jeremy misses a flight because of Texel, and when they’re trapped in the living room, he can’t get rid of the annoying stranger. While the meeting feels random, there will soon be a turning point that will make the nature of their encounter much worse and more criminal.

The Complete Enemy is scheduled for release on June 11 in the United States and July 5 in the United Kingdom.

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