Quake gets a visual overhaul for Xbox, PlayStation and Switch on its 25th birthday


QuakeCon, the annual fan meeting of the legendary first-person shooter, was canceled last year during the pandemic, but it returned today with a claw-like bang. Machine Games and id Software have jointly created a visually enhanced version of the original Earthquake after the game, June 22 marked the 25th anniversary.

It’s a classic Earthquake, run and drink weapons in medieval mazes with nails, grenade launchers and shotguns, but all this is in 4K with widescreen support, online multiplayer and even new expansion packs.

The original version Earthquake is now available for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch with up to 4K support, widescreen resolution, enhanced designs, dynamic lighting, anti-aliasing, sharpness range and many other visual enhancements.

Earthquake on Xbox.

Both originals Earthquake Plug-ins are also available, as well as two plug-ins developed by Machine Games. A four-player online status or local split-screen collaboration is available for the campaign. There’s up to eight-player multiplayer with cross-game support, or four-player split-screen local matches. Earthquake also includes support for models and tasks performed by fans, including Earthquake 64.

Earthquake is available on PC, Xboxand Game position for $ 9.99 (or free as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) and beyond Nintendo Switch.

Earthquake on Nintendo Switch.

This is a pretty big reform of Quake, and it follows Earthquake II has been improved to work with modern computers recently. Earthquake II was changed to operate with beam tracking in 2019 and Nvidia published under the name of the project Quake II RTX to introduce its RTX graphics processor.

You can also play the original 55 MB Earthquake On a Windows computer today, but the Steam version does not include high-resolution widescreen support, and the controls are awkward by today’s standards.

Earthquake was first published 25 years ago as a successor Doom, and quickly became one of the most popular racing games in the 90s. Bethesda and id celebrate Quake every year at QuakeCon, which was born from a fan’s IRC server for its own event with LAN tournaments and more.

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