Quick and Convenient: Same Day Dentures for Instant Smile


What exactly are Same Day Dentures?

Same day dentures Harrisonburg VA are temporary false teeth that allow you to get a tooth extracted as well as dentures on the same day. They are also referred to as:

Dentures that can be worn right away

Dentures for the short term

Dentures that are only worn for one day

Dentures in a single day

It is usual for people to require tooth extractions prior to receiving dentures, which is why the process can take several days to a few weeks. Regular dentures cannot be worn until your mouth has completely healed from the tooth extraction(s).

Same-day dentures give you a complete grin while your gums heal. They also serve as a bandage and healing assistance following tooth extraction.You’ll never have to walk out in public without teeth again with same-day dentures. They will also provide you with the experience of speaking and chewing with prosthetic teeth, which will help you acclimate to your normal dentures once they are ready.

What is the Same-Day Denture Procedure?

If your dentist concludes that you require tooth extraction, he or she may recommend same day dentures Harrisonburg VA as temporary dental prosthesis during the healing phase. This is especially true if full-mouth or front-tooth extractions are required.

The procedure for inserting instant dentures is simple, although it does require time. It will also differ slightly from one dentist to the next.

The following are the general steps that would take place:

Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth — Before extracting your teeth, your dentist will take impressions so that the mold may be sent to a dental laboratory.

If you require a full instant denture, your dentist will schedule tooth extractions as soon as your denture is ready.

Your dentist will fit your immediate dentures – Your dentist will place them in your mouth to determine if any modifications are required.

You will be given aftercare instructions – After your dentist has ensured that the extracted area is properly bandaged, they will give you important instructions. These include taking specific drugs, keeping a healthy diet, and not smoking.Same-day dentures cannot be removed soon after they are placed. Your gums will swell, making re-insertion difficult.

Consult your dentist Virginia about the best time to remove them following surgery. You’ll need to use routine denture maintenance once the extraction sites develop clots and the holes begin to seal.

Recovery Time After Tooth Extraction with Same-Day Dentures

Immediate dentures can aid in the healing process following tooth extraction.1, 2, 3 The following are some of the medical advantages of same day dentures Harrisonburg VA:

  • The immediate denture works as a bandage, reducing bleeding, damage, and pain at extraction sites.
  • Dentures serve to keep your jaw and muscles in place and shape.
  • Patients can speak, chew, and swallow after having their teeth extracted.
  • While their gums and bones heal, patients maintain their regular appearance, which can help reduce shame and isolation.

What to Expect Following Placement

Immediate dentures are not always comfortable. It can take some time to acclimate to new dentures.

For the first several days, you may have trouble chewing and speaking. You may also feel some soreness, especially if you recently underwent oral surgery.

Is Same-Day Dentures Right for Me?

Immediate dentures are always a therapy option. However, if you have a total extraction or multiple teeth removed, your dentist may recommend them.

You might not be a good candidate for immediate dentures if you have:

You have a crippling sickness.

You suffer from a systemic disease such as cancer, endocrine diseases, or blood disorders.

You have the ability to heal slowly.

You have trouble recalling post-operative instructions.

The patient and dentist must agree on whether a person is a good candidate for same-day dentures.

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