Razer lets you register for beta testing of the RGB face mask


Razer released today that its illuminated, playful PC-N95 mask has a new name and a beta program that has been put forward planned fourth quarter launch. Futuristic looking Hanke Hazel has been baptized a Razer Zephyr, and you can sign up as a beta tester On Razer’s website.

Razer has not provided more information on the timing of Zephyr’s release or when beta testers can expect to receive their masks. Based on video shared by Razer in connection with its announcement, beta testers may get a different mask structure than those hitherto shared.

The Zephyr looks a little wider and rounder than Razer’s original Project Hazel, and has a grille at the bottom of the mask that is much more prominent than previous photos and photographs. It may be additional ventilation or assist in sound amplification, but it was definitely not included in Razer’s previous face mask concepts.

Limit has contacted Razer for more information about the beta program and possible design changes that will be shipped alongside the Zephyr beta.

Zephyr on a real human face. Note the lower grille.
Photo: Razer

Original Project Hazel design.
Photo: Razer

We should have a better idea of ​​the design when the masks actually do it in the hands of beta testers, but the announcement of the program makes Zephyr much more real. Given that the project turned from a fun CES concept to a real one Razer was going to do, every step pushes this mask further away from the steam. Whether it’s really affordable, comfortable, or practical to use is a whole different matter.

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