Realme MagDart: An Apple MagSafe option that is likely on the card



Apple’s MagSafe charger created a new segment because it allows users to charge iPhone 12-series smartphones wirelessly. It seems that Realme also wants to find an alternative to the same. According to the latest leaks, Realme seems to be working on a wireless charging platform for its smartphone, allegedly called MagDart.

Realme MagDart: An Apple MagSafe option that is likely on the card

Although there is no official information about Realme MagDart, the leak makes us believe that Realme is working on future smartphones that may support wireless charging. This makes sense because the company is assumed to work on a wireless charging platform.

Realme MagDart leak

In accordance with the EUIPO document provided by Oppo DroidMaze, once owned by Realmen, this new technology will also come to Oppo and OnePlus smartphones in the future. Realme has been a testing brand before the latest technologies and advances get to Oppo. Eventually, a magnetic wireless charging cradle, which may emerge as a Realme product, may later be introduced to Oppo and OnePlus as well.

We can say that it is a Realme product because the company uses the Dart term for its fast charging technologies of over 30 W. Eventually, we can expect the wireless charger to also support fast wireless charging. Oppo recently launched a 50W wireless charger, and Realme may use this technology in its product. Considering the Mag multiple, it has a magnetic attachment Apple MagSafe.

Realme in particular is already selling a 10 W wireless charger in India. The irony, however, is that none of its offerings support wireless charging. There are a couple of premium smartphones waiting to be launched and may have wireless charging technology.

Does Realme GT Master Edition support MagDart?

Considering Realme GT Master Edition everything is scheduled to launch soon, we can expect it to debut with the support of MagDart. This smartphone has arrived with the Snapdragon 870 SoC, making it a high-end smartphone in the premium market segment. On the other hand, this wireless charging technology could be reserved for 2022 flagship models. Only official confirmation can confirm more information about it.

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The story was first published: Saturday, July 17, 2021, 11:31 [IST]

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