Reasons To Find a Family Lawyer

Family Lawyers are responsible for dealing with legal issues and matters that arise between members of the same family. They represent clients in family courts for contentious cases concerning not only divorce and domestic violence, but also oversee family estates and offer advice on areas such as adoption, guardianship, property division, and child Custody. 

The Most known Family Lawyers are lawyers for the divorce also known as Divorce Lawyers, they represent clients in divorce proceedings and other matters related to divorce. As family law is a relatively broad practice area it also includes issues such as foster care and reproductive rights other than divorce issues. Since family law matters are usually very personal, having a trusted legal professional by your side always helps you ensure your loved ones are properly represented and protected during any legal process. The common reasons to hire a family law attorney include:

  • The most common reason for hiring family lawyers is divorce issues. Each partner hires an attorney, who helps them devise a settlement plan to avoid a trial. Divorce attorneys typically are skilled at dividing marital property, division of assets, calculating spousal support, and proposing a plan for child custody, visitation, and support (if applicable). These family lawyers do help in pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements too. If you are in UAE, then first complaint is registered, then the complaint is forwarded to Family Courts. Well the similar process is implemented everywhere in world. 
  • Another reason for seeking help from family lawyers is Custody of Child or also known Child Custody with Child Support. Orders from the court and settlement agreements involving both custody and support of the child are usually included in the larger divorce case but may be revisited as the conditions of either of the parents change. For instance, child support may be changed after the non-custodial parent’s financial situation is different from the previous situation. 
  • People take Legal Assistance from Family Law Attorneys in Paternity cases as well. Mostly, Paternity Cases are filed by the mothers to assure child support payments from an absent father. However, sometimes the biological fathers may file for paternity to have a relationship with their child. 
  • Lawyers also provide knowledge regarding adoption cases. Adoption is a complex process that is different for different types of adoption. Where the child is from, variances in state laws and other factors affect the adoption laws. Therefore, it’s important to consult with a family law attorney who can guide the client accordingly. But direct adoption is not allowed in United Arab Emirates. But the adopted kid from other countries can be brought to UAE. Check with Immigration or Family Lawyers in UAE, about this process. 

Little More Information about the Topic

Marriage Dissolution or divorce cases are the most common. When someone wants to end a marriage, they file a case at family court to ask for a court order ending the marriage. Each side is represented by family lawyers in the court. Another scenario falling under this category is a separation that can be granted by the court, in such cases the court issues orders regarding property, alimony, and child custody, but both parties remain legally married.

Paternity and Child Custody cases are filed when a man needs to be declared the father of a child, either of the parents can file a case asking the family court to determine paternity. This permanently establishes the legal father of the child. The court has the authority to order legal custody, physical custody, visitation schedules, and child support.

There are cases involving matters of Protection Orders Against Domestic Violence. Protection orders can be issued by family courts for the victims. Protection orders have a legal value that can help in keeping the abuser away.

Name Change cases also fall under the category of family cases or civil cases. A child or an adult can legally change their name through a name change case at family court. Legal cases of Guardianship are represented in family courts by family lawyers. Guardianship involves determining who will be responsible for the medical, personal, and financial decisions of a child or an adult until they can care for themselves.


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