Recent updates will not arrive in the ear (1) before release: Best-in-class battery life?




The company’s first product is always important, and most brands try to create a lot of noise in the same way. The Nothing brand, founded by OnePlus founders Carl Pie, is set to launch its first product – Nothing Ear (1) on July 27th.

Recent updates to the ear (1) will not arrive before release

It now looks like the company has revealed everything No replacement (1) before its official release, even pricing. In fact, the company has already confirmed that Nothing Ear (1) will cost Rs. In India 5999, below the European and US price (99 euros and 99 dollars).

Nothing to replace (1) Complete specifications

Nothing has revealed some details about their first and upcoming product. The company has shared some details about battery size, battery backup, charging speed and other technical aspects of the upcoming TWS ANC.

As can be measured from the previous paragraph, No replacement (1) supports Active Noise Reduction (ANC) and claims to offer a total of 24 hours of battery life on a single charge (including the charging case). They are said to last 36 hours when the ANC is turned off.

One in-ear headset has a 50 mAh battery, while the charging / carrying case itself has a 570 mAh battery. Depending on the charge, the case supports fast wired charging and wireless charging. The company also claims that a 10-minute wired charge should provide eight hours of playback time, which seems impressive.

It’s also interesting how that transparent case lasts in the long run, because transparent phone cases are always known to turn yellow, making them look dirty and cheap. The case seems to have a USB Type-C port, which makes it competitive.

May disrupt ANC TWS industry

Even a price tag of Rs. 5999, No replacement (1) is not the most affordable ANC TWS pair on the market. However, the company boasts a lot of sound quality, which is one of the most important criteria to consider when buying headphones.
If none of the ears (1) can provide a good beep, they are likely to disrupt the mid-range TWS market, unless the high-end market, which is dominated mostly by the world’s Sonyys and Apples.

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The story was first published: Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 10:57 [IST]

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