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Hugh Jackman’s twisty new sci-fi movie Reminiscence deals with memory and a major mystery; here’s the ending explained. The film comes from Westworld co-creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, with Joy making her feature directorial debut on the project. Reminiscence is set in Miami during an undisclosed point in the future where water levels have risen to overtake cities partially. After multiple wars, humanity is desperate for nostalgia and memories of the good days, and soon, technology known as “reminiscence technology” is created. It allows people the chance to relive previous memories as if they were experiencing them for the first time.

Reminiscence stars Jackman as Nick Bannister, a man who served two tours in the wars and became familiar with the technology by using it to interrogate enemies. He now finds himself owning a business that allows people to use reminiscence while he guides them through their memories with the help of his assistant, Emily “Watts” Sanders (Thandiwe Newton). Nick’s life is changed when the mysterious Mae (Rebecca Ferguson) comes into his building hoping to remember where she lost her keys. Nick becomes infatuated with Mae right away and leads to the two of them having a romantic relationship. Everything goes great at first until Mae suddenly disappears, leaving Nick to search his own memories to relive the good days and hopefully find an answer to what happened to her.

Why Reminiscence’s Reviews Are So Negative

The bulk of Reminiscence follows Nick’s journey to find Mae after he discovers one of her earings floating in the street outside his building. Nick discovers dark truths about Mae’s past as a thief and drug addict, as well as what really brought her to his place of operation. Nick learns that Mae killed herself for her part in a con that endangered a kid she ultimately helped save, with the Sylvan family and a corrupt cop, Cyrus Boothe (Cliff Curtis), being responsible for hiring Mae. Reminiscence’s ending ultimately answers most questions but also raises some new ones based on Nick’s fate. Here’s a complete breakdown of Reminiscence’s ending and what it all means.

Need proof that moviegoing is far from returning to normal? Look no further than this weekend’s domestic box office charts.

Case in point: An animated movie based on the kids TV show ‘PAW Patrol’ left Hugh Jackman’s romance drama ‘Reminiscence’ in the dust in North America, with the heroic pups of Adventure City collecting six times more than a film toplined by one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood in their respective debuts. That’s the unpredictable reality of the movie theater business as the delta variant continues to depress ticket sales across the globe, reports Reuters.

Neither ‘PAW Patrol’ nor ‘Reminiscence’ were able to best ‘Free Guy,’ which remained victorious for the second weekend straight. After debuting last weekend to a leading $28.4 million, the Disney and 20th Century’s sci-fi action comedy declined a mere 34 per cent in its second weekend. The film, starring Ryan Reynolds, added another $18.8 million between Friday and Sunday, marking an impressive hold with or without a pandemic.

Many summer offerings, including Paramount’s ‘PAW Patrol’ and Warner Bros.’ ‘Reminiscence,’ were made available on streaming platforms on the same day as their theatrical debuts. ‘PAW Patrol’ landed simultaneously on Paramount Plus, while ‘Reminiscence’ premiered concurrently on HBO Max. Alternatively ‘Free Guy,’ which had the best second-weekend hold of any nationwide release this summer, is available exclusively in theaters.

In a closer-than-expected second place, ‘PAW Patrol’ earned $13 million from 3,184 North American theaters. That’s not a bad result for a kids movie, especially considering children under the age of 12 are currently unable to get vaccinated, making it less appealing for parents to take the whole family to the movies. Among opening weekend ticket buyers, 41 per cent were parents and 47 per cent were kids.

‘PAW Patrol,’ centering on a young boy named Ryder and a heroic group of pups who save Adventure City from the evil Mayor Humdinger, was surprisingly well received by youngsters, parents and, yes, even critics. Variety’s Courtney Howard called the film a “gripping, inspiring animated thriller.”

“This is a good opening for a TV-based family animation release,” says David A. Gross, who runs consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research. “These movies are not in the league with the Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Illumination juggernauts, but they cost less, make money and occasionally break out ? la ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks,’ ‘Mr. Peabody & Sherman,’ and ‘Scooby-Doo.’”

Meanwhile, the Jackman-led ‘Reminiscence’ was barely able to crack the top 10 in its opening weekend. The film, playing in 3,265 North American locations, managed to scrape together $2 million, which is a terrible result given its $68 million production budget.

However, the movie’s underperformance isn’t exactly surprising. ‘Reminiscence,’ which garnered mixed reviews, targets older audiences, a demographic that’s been more reluctant to return to movie theaters.

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