Renders reveals some changes for upcoming 5G iPad mini (2021)



Renders reveals some changes for upcoming 5G iPad mini (2021)

In recent months, there have been quite a few rumors about the upcoming iPad mini. TF International’s Ming-Chi Kuo, man, when it comes Apple seems to know everything and everyone, said last month the next generation iPad mini will arrive this fall with the design tips taken iPad Air (2020). A few days later, another tipster said the next iPad mini will get the look of a recently released one iPad Pro (2021).

The rumored new iPad mini (2021) has flat sides and resembles the iPad Air (2020).

One blog in South Korea played Naver was the source of this rumor and called the slate “iPad Mini Pro” but found that the Mobile version is 5G compatible and has thin frames. Estimates of screen size have ranged from 8.4 to 9 inches. For those who bet on such things, the latter chapter comes from Ming-Chi Koo, so you should consider it before placing a bet.

Recently, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reiterated the concept of a thinner frame for the next iPad mini and noted that Apple has tested a version of the tile without a home button. Given that the product hasn’t been revamped over the years, almost all of the changes look and feel exciting. Meanwhile, Home Tech (FPT) ordered renderings for the next iPad mini based on CADs, charts, images, and other information.

The characters reveal a flat device that fits iPhone 12 series. But most of all, the new iPad mini resembles the iPad Air (2020). This could very well be the last rodeo for the iPad mini, especially if the foldable iPhone is introduced in 2023, as Kuo has predicted.

The characters show that the new iPad mini goes without a home button to make the screen bigger. Speaking of the larger, the device is slightly higher (206.3 mm compared to the previous model 203.2) and wider (137.8 mm compared to the previous model 134.8 mm), but its thickness is equal to 6.1 mm. And while the face tag isn’t found on the tablet, Apple integrates Touch ID into the disc’s power button just like with the iPad Air (2020).

Three color options are expected to be offered to buyers of the iPad mini (2021)

The speakers on the bottom of the tablet (not the top and bottom speakers of this model) are also being updated, and the FPT notes that one of its sources called the new speakers “crazy.” There’s a USB-C port, and the tablet is reported to be available in tri-color, black, silver, and gold. And we can see Apple shrinking Apple pencil is based on a comparison of previously leaked images of the digital writing medium with an image showing the current version of the accessory.

Apple looks like it would be willing to continue the recovery from the iPad pandemic, as tablets have generally become an important device for those who work from home, go to school at home, and watch movies and other video content from home. During the most recently reported quarter (fiscal second quarter of 2021), Apple announced a huge 79 percent increase in iPad revenue from $ 4.37 billion to $ 7.81 billion.

So to sum this up, we should see that the iPad mini (2021) includes a larger screen, flat pages, a new chipset, 5G support, updated speakers, an integrated Touch ID / power button, and a slightly larger footprint.

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