Research player Dabado Puzzles will be coming to Steam this month


Indie developer 7Games Studio has announced its release Dabado puzzles On Steam on June 30th. This unique puzzle and exploration game offers players an unusual game mechanic, beautiful hand-painted visuals, and plenty of unexpected surprises. Watch the trailer below to see more of this confusing world …


In this puzzle search game, players master puzzle levels that involve Tetris-type block manipulation, and the only way to complete a level is to build a block tower to get to the key that unlocks the next level. Sounds easy? No, it is much more complex, the blocks are classified into three types, and these types have their own advantages and weaknesses. Master these types to win a level, and then repeat to learn the secrets of the level.

The light is used to progress through the levels and reach new maps on the world map, and can be achieved by scoring and combining combo moves on the levels and through the game’s built-in store.

In addition to the main promotion, there are plenty of extra levels, bonus levels and much more to keep any puzzle fan happy for hours.


  • Challenging gameplay.
  • Lovely hand painted graphics.
  • Lots of mind-bending levels.
  • Secrets and hidden places to discover.
  • Random game mechanics to spice things up.

Dabado puzzles will be published on 30. June on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

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