Resident Evil Movies Ranked – Which Is The Best?


Although we are all in love Resident Evil Village, with its vampires, werewolves and various horrors, Resident Evil is not just a series of horror games – it’s also a series of ridiculous action movies. These movie theater treasures are often misunderstood, thanks to their camp performance and how far they get lost in the games they have borrowed from the name and some of the characters.

But if you just want fun zombie action movies, you won’t find many zombie movies that are so bombarding and straight up entertaining. For a while, I had only seen a couple of these films that stopped after the fourth, mostly out of complete ignorance that Resident Evil: Retribution and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter even existed. But over the weekend, as I eagerly awaited the new game to complement my thirst for Resident Evil’s unique camp-horror brand, I found a Blu Ray collection of all six movies, and sat down and watched them all.


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