Returnal’s biggest problem wouldn’t be if it were on the Xbox Series X.


Returnal has split PlayStation 5 players with a penalty difficulty level, the absence of a traditional savings system, and a 70/70/70 / AU $ 124.95 price point. But no matter which side of the conversation you have, Sony’s latest consensus PS5 exclusive is pretty clear: Return have a brazen good time – especially if you’re a fan of roguelikes.

It helps that developer Housemarque’s third-person action game is, of course, a great demonstration for the PS5. It takes full advantage of the unique features of the PlayStation 5, making Returnal’s labyrinthine and hostile alien world look more compelling. PS5 DualSense driverHaptic feedback and adaptive triggers are used to effectively convey environmental impacts, such as the feeling of raindrops hitting the ground, and the game’s 3D sound is easily the best implementation of Sony’s proprietary sound technology to date.


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