Reunion will be on PC in 2022


Fans will be pleased to hear that the second installment in Phantom Compass’s beloved ‘Rollers’ series will arrive on PC in 2022. Kingdom Rollers: Reunion combines pinball action with fantasy RPG, challenging physics puzzles and platforming adventures in the same way as the original game, Kingdom Rollers, won the GDC’s prestigious Best in Play award in 2014.


Kingdom Rollers: Reunion puts players in the role of an attractive group of characters where they move, turn, push, and take themselves around labyrinths and through physics-based puzzles. Players can go alone or socialize with a friend to tour the country in search of powerful ancient artifacts, collect gear upgrades, and recruit NPC allies to save the world.

Each hero (represented by a ball) has their own separate game modifications, sizes, stats, and specialties that make solving puzzles and resolving battles a lot more tactical and rely on switching heroes. The reels are able to level their heroes and take them on an epic journey through new worlds.




  • Classic pinball-based puzzles combined with the perception of role-playing games.
  • Five different heroes, including Knight, Mage, Rogue, Healer, and Goblin Prince, each have their own distinct physics modifications, special abilities, and upgradeable equipment.
  • The new Quest system encourages helpful adventurers to reward good deeds.
  • Brand new skills such as the ability to change your character mid-battle and time manipulation.
  • A variety of levels, including 2D scrolling from side to side, top to bottom stealth and confusing mazes and labyrinths.
  • A story consisting of over 30 missions and 24 playgrounds.
  • A two-player cooperative for those who don’t want to travel alone.



“Keep the Rollers of the Realm: Reunion a secret just might have been the hardest task of my career,” said Tony Walsh, CEO and Creative Director of Phantom Compass. “We’re deeply proud of the first game, because crushing the RPG mechanics with the many details that make pinball so fun was a great balance. Given the great response from the players over the years, I think we’ve nailed it – and Kingdom Rollers: Reunion takes every successful stroke one step further. “

Kingdom Rollers: Reunion will arrive on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store in 2022.

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