Ring end-to-end encryption is used worldwide


End-to-end encryption of the ring’s video signals leaves a technical preview, is now available to U.S. users, and is currently in use worldwide, an Amazon-owned company announced Tuesday. The optional feature makes it possible for your video stream to be viewed only on a registered iOS or Android device, which means Ring cannot use this material even if it wanted to.

The feature works with 12 Ring cameras and you will see a complete list of compatible models and follow the instructions how to configure end-to-end encryption on the Ring website. Ring battery-powered video doorbells and cameras do not support end-to-end encryption according to that page.

Ringtones end-to-end encryption settings menu.
Photo: Ring

End-to-end encryption is a boon for customers who want to ensure that Ring does not have access to their footage – enabling it ensures that Ring cannot hand over the captured video to law enforcement, for example. Ring first reported encryption between videos in September 2020 and launched technical preview in January.

In addition to end-to-end encryption, Ring introduces new features that allow customers to protect their accounts. If you use 2-step authentication to secure your account, Ring now supports authentication applications, which can be more secure than SMS. The company will also implement the CAPTCHA app in both the Ring and Neighbors app, which may prevent bots and spammers from logging into your account.

Ring also makes it easy to transfer ownership of a used Ring device. Right now, this process requires you to call Ring customer service, but in the “coming weeks” you can transfer ownership of a used device to yourself directly from the Ring app.

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