Riot created a cool beat for content producers to stream


League of Legends Developer Riot is doing something new – and really chill. The company just released an album called Sessions: Vi, which is full of 37 lo-fi songs from producers like Chromonicci, Junior State, Relaxationand Tennyson. The idea, according to the company, is to provide “streaming” music that content producers like YouTube and Twitch can use without worrying about copyright strikes. The album is now streamed on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

Typical Riot fashion also has a narrative album. The title refers to League brand Vi, a criminal with high – tech gloves, and Riot ‘s music manager Toa Dunn says the album is meant to reflect the days of his life. The songs are divided into three main parts, and the moods represent the afternoon, sunset and night. “It all comes down to storytelling. It gives a lot of context, ”Dunn says of the structure. “This isn’t a canon. We’re not trying to expand Runeterra, but this is another look.”

Music has become an increasing focus for Riot, especially in the fantasy realm League, with fictitious groups K / DA and Real damage publishing albums and performance in esports competitions. Sessions represents a different direction, but it makes a lot of sense the constant tension between the streamers and the music industry. And Dunn says there’s likely to be more music on the “sessions” line in the future as well. “This is a drop one who knows how many,” he says. “We’re going to keep learning and find out more and more about what people like.”

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