Riot suspends Valorant professional for six months because it has not cooperated in the investigation of sexual violence


Professional Valorantti player Jay “Sinatraa” Won has been suspended for six months from Riot Games for “not cooperating fully” in an ongoing investigation into an allegation of sexual violence. The investigation stems from an allegation made in March this year that when a former girlfriend accused Won of sexual abuse, supported by message recordings and screenshots. At the time, Won was suspended indefinitely by both emerging Riots Valorantti and hosts the most online competitions, and the Sentinels, the team he plays for.

According to Riot, this latest interruption is related to Won’s behavior during the investigation. In the opinion, the company said:

The competition operations team had serious concerns about Sinatra’s operations during the investigation. It was found that Sinatraa misrepresented certain facts on at least two occasions, made false statements and did not co-operate in the investigation as expected from a professional. Valorantti esports player.

It should be noted that Sinatra’s public commitment on social media to provide the full audio and video clip referred to in the original post never materialized. Cooperation in these investigations is very important, especially when the nature of the accusations is as serious as sexual violence. This does not tolerate this behavior Valorantti Esports.

Won started the race Valorantti last year but rose to prominence Overwatch League, where he was named MVP in 2019 – though OWL began offering rebates after allegations made on his in-game MVP skin in March.

Regarding the original allegation of sexual violence, Riot said that since the matter has been brought before law enforcement, “at this point, we are postponing further investigation and facts related to the allegations.” Riot added that “to the extent that more relevant information becomes available, law enforcement or otherwise, the Competition Task Force reserves the right to reopen the investigation and take any necessary additional action.”


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