RIP Ned Beatty (1937-2021)



Oscar-nominated actor Ned Beatty, who is known for his work e.g. Delivery, Network and Superman, has died of natural causes at the age of 83, his director has announced.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Beatty began his career by stepping on stage in 1956 before making his big screen debut alongside Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight in the 1972 thriller John Boorman. Delivery.

She would then pursue a long and prestigious career, carving a reputation as one of Hollywood’s finest actresses, with more than 160 film and television credits in her name, including Best Actress for the 1976 Female Actress. Network and a Golden Globe nominee for the 1991s Listen to the song.

Beatty’s other credits are the likes All the men of the president, Superman: The Movie and Superman II, 1941, Great easy, Roseanne, Murder: Life on the street, Shooter, Charlie Wilson’s war, Killer inside me, Toy story 3 and Rango.


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