Rocket League season 4 has a cowboy theme and changes to tournaments


Rocket LeagueThe fourth season kicks off on Wednesday and will bring major changes to the tournaments, the shutdown of copyrighted music and a new cowboy-themed car.

Changes to tournaments by developer Psyonix was first unveiled on August 5, includes a new 2v2 mode that allows you to connect with just one friend in a racing game. Psyonix will also add many other tournaments – there will be more tournaments between “eight and 13” in each area, Psyonix said. In addition to the new 2v2 and current 3v3 modes, the studio hosts Extra Mode tournaments that vary between modes such as Rumble (with random power-ups), Hoops (basketball-like mode) and Snow Day (Rocket League play hockey).

Season 4 also adds a new setting that allows players to turn off copyrighted music from the game, which can help streams avoid receiving DMCA removal notifications. If you turn this setting on, the copyrighted sound will be “muted or replaced with music that is freely available,” Psyonix says.

The Cowboy-themed Outlaw car is available as part of the fourth-season Rocket Pass, which is a snippet of the game Fortnite-style combat passport.

Rocket League season 4 starts on Wednesday at 11:00 am ET.

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