Roguelite-tactical RPG The Last Spell is now on Steam Early Access


Arcade Crew and developer Ishtar Games roguelite-tactical RPG, The last spell is now available on Steam Early Access. The last spell players fight relentless forces to protect the remnants of humanity. The new launch trailer is shown below …


The world of the earth The last spell it was one where people were never at peace with each other, it was a war-torn world. In the final ditch effort to end everything, the mages gave cataclysm by making massive magic balls rain and a strange purple mist surrounding most of the world. The last safe haven is free of deadly fog, but every night it is threatened by extraterrestrial monsters coming from the fog. Players must control their heroes and defend this last paradise until the remaining magic can cast a nominal last spell.

During the day, players must build their cities, rebuild walls, and install their defenses in readiness for a night attack. Level up heroes, destroy monsters from the fog and build the last safe haven to save humanity from destruction.

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  • Satisfactory turn-based combat allows tacticians to carefully equip, position, and lead teams.
  • Lots of repeatability thanks to random party members, equipment and enemy sides.
  • Add and upgrade useful structures to Haven, or fortify important areas with defenses such as barricades to stop the endless progression of monsters.
  • Stand humanity’s last hope for learning new tactics or permanently unlocking weapons, skills, or buildings.
  • A synthesis-based soundtrack inspired by French musician Rémi Gallego, aka The Algorithm.

The last spell is available on Steam now, for £ 15.49 / $ 19.99 / $ 19.99.

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