Salesforce completed the $ 27.7 billion Slack acquisition


The cloud computing giant Salesforce is completed the acquisition of Slack, $ 27.7 billion deal which adds a messaging application to its enterprise software package without immediately changing Slack’s functionality, brand, or leadership.

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, said in a statement that “Together, we are defining the future of enterprise software by creating a digital headquarters that enables every organization to deliver customer and employee success from anywhere.”

Although loose hasn’t quite killed email, it has attracted the attention of giants such as Microsoft, a company that Slack founder and CEO Stewart Butterfield called in a conversation “unhealthily concerned about killing.” Limit last year.

“In a different universe where Slack has been incredibly successful over the next two years and 98 percent of knowledge workers use Slack, it matters to Microsoft because the relative importance of email has diminished tremendously,” Butterfield said.

Now, Slack is moving from a rising independent challenger to a consolidated competitor on a steady footing. Aaron Levie is the CEO of Box told Casey Newton after the deal was announced“” The only advantage Microsoft has is distribution, and now they’ve neutralized the advantage … they can really fulfill the final promise of the opportunity because they have ten times as many vendors who can spread this issue to big companies around the world. ”

Salesforce has called its employees architects of a remote-friendly approach, and when Slack is in his pocket, it tries to control how other companies move in that direction. Butterfield and Bret Taylor, vice president of salesforce, will answer the following question event planning “Share more about how these two companies are creating an effective platform for digital that works around the world.”

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