Samsung Galaxy smartwatches have been updated with new enhancements to Wi-Fi network and communication


Samsung has slowly and steadily improved the software in its range of smart watches. If you’ve purchased one of Samsung’s smart watches, you’ll get another of these upgrades that will enhance different aspects of wearable devices.

We believe the latest update is now available for many Samsung smart watches, including Gear S3, Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Galaxy Watch, but some changes may be different.

We know for sure that Gear S3 and Gear Sport are improving Wi-Fi stability (via TizenHelp), while the other three Samsung smartwatches benefit from better messaging application stability, system stability and reliability, and better Wi-Fi stability (via IoTGadgetit).

On paper, these changes may not mean much, but in most cases, these updates also fix bugs or add small improvements that further enhance the user experience. If you own one of these smartwatches, we recommend that you install the update as soon as you receive it.


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