Samsung has patented a unique foldable phone with a rotating camera


Samsung has patented a unique foldable phone with a rotating camera

Samsung is known for its experimental and bold new models and implementations of smartphone manufacturing. It is in a unique position to take risks and try new ideas to see if they stick.

In 2019, the company implemented one of these outside ideas and released its first rotating camera Galaxy A80. The South Korean consortium has taken a patent (via MySmartPrice) for a rotating camera integrated in a foldable device.

The patent shows that it consists of two housings connected by a hinge. The rotating camera module is placed in either the upper right corner or the right edge.

In addition, the angle of refraction and movement sensors are also present. They help determine the direction and angle of the phone where both cases are located. The rotating module then operates according to the sensor signals when the camera application is open.

Why would this matter?

This model can be useful for a few reasons. First, it could allow the manufacturer to spend less resources on a forward-facing camera system. However, we are not sure how much such a module will cost, so we cannot say whether the production costs are lower.

A clearer advantage here is for the end user, and it is consistent image quality from both rear and front images. It seems to me that rotating cameras seem to fit well with foldable ones. On the other hand, I’m not so sure about durability, and foldable phones weren’t sturdy in the first place.

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