Samsung introduces the new special edition Galaxy Buds Pro


Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro is quite popular almost all over the world, and for good reasons. It is not uncommon for a South Korean company to take advantage of its most successful products, so Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Originals Special Pack was not a complete surprise.

But Adidas isn’t the only big brand to partner Samsung For Galaxy Buds Pro Special Edition. South Korean giant announced the Galaxy Buds Pro LANEIGE Neo Cushion version to be released today.

LANEIGE is a famous beauty brand in South Korea, and its Neo Cushion concealer for women is rising high in the country, making the new special edition Galaxy Buds Pro. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Buds Pro LANEIGE Neo pillow is aimed at MZ generation women in South Korea, so don’t expect to find them in other countries.

As far as availability and price go, they are pre-orderable on May 11 for the equivalent of $ 175 and should hit the shelves in South Korea the next day. They are available in Phantom Violet colors and only a limited number of units are released in the market.


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