Samsung is committed to ‘at least three years of software support’ for existing Galaxy Watches



With Pixel 6, Pixel 5a, and even Pixel Buds A series there is a significant lack of activity in today’s Google I / O 2021 event, Android 12 and a huge update to the Wear operating system seem to be essentially sharing the spotlights before the actual release “later this year”.

Big Gear Day may be over soon

In spite of Samsung presumably focusing primarily on “creating an enhanced smartwatch experience” in the coming months and years by combining the best of the Tizen and Wear operating system, its “commitment to current Galaxy smartwatch users” is said to be stronger than ever.
That commitment will result in “at least three years of software support after product launch” for all Galaxy Watches in use, which sounds like good news, but could lead to disappointment for some people.

This is because chaebol itself has set incredibly high standards for upgrading Tizen-based devices, which can be difficult to meet ahead. Ancient Gear S3 and Gear Sport, for example, received exactly the same improvements such as Galaxy Watch, Watch Active, Watch Active 2 and Watch 3 recently.

Naturally, no one expected Samsung’s stellar software support to continue these two particular smart watches forever, but it certainly sounds like their imaginative followers of the Galaxy Watch brand won’t get exactly the same treatment.

We want to believe

Granted, at least three years does not have to mean exactly three years, but unfortunately we have seen this type of promise develop in exactly this way all too often in the mobile industry over the years for us to dream more.

If you think Gear S3 is already almost five years old (!!!), while OG Galaxy Watch is scheduled to fill three in August 2021, when it may well reach the end of the road in terms of software upgrades.

The same can happen too Galaxy Watch active in March 2022 See Active 2 in September 2022, and Galaxy Watch 3 in August 2023 … or Samsung may surprise us by continuing to develop, improve, and enhance a substantially dead (solo) operating system outside of these deadlines.
Even if that happens, something tells us that the Galaxy Watch 3 doesn’t score so many heavy software updates because its predecessors until the time will eventually run out, which can understandably make many users angry, especially if you paid $ 400 (or even more) for that evil boy released in 2020. Maybe that’s why the device is undoubtedly still one the best smart watches money can be bought in 2021, has been discounted so often and so heavily.
On the bright side, this could definitely open the gates to a phenomenal flood The main day 2021 Galaxy Watch Active, Active 2 and Watch 3 deals next month.


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