Samsung is releasing a single interface 3.1 for several Galaxy devices


So far it is clear Samsung intends to bring a single interface 3.1 for as many Galaxy devices as possible, but what’s even better is that low-budget smartphones aren’t taken from the equation. As long as you own a Galaxy device released in the last couple of years, there’s a good chance that one UI 3.1 will be delivered to you in 2021. Samsung released a single interface on 3.1 a handful of flagship restricted by the plaintiff (old and new). Now the same update is available for three more Galaxy devices (via AndroidPolice): Samsung Galaxy A21s, Galaxy A41and Galaxy Tab A7.

One interface 3.1 integrates some of Google ‘s important applications into Samsung’ s ecosystem, such as Google Discover and Google Duo. Some Galaxy devices also get new video call effects to add to the background, as well as new camera features like Director’s view and Single Take 2.0.

Samsung tablets get a host of productivity features in addition to smartphones, such as sharing a second monitor and wireless keyboard. Remember, Samsung doesn’t bring everyone One of the features of the user interface 3.1 to some Galaxy devices, but many of them get access to most of the company’s smartphones and tablets.


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