Samsung will replace the Exynos Galaxy S20 FE with the Snapdragon version in Germany


Like reported some time ago, Samsung had planned to discontinue the popular version of Exynos Galaxy S20 FE – which, taking into account the price, is one the best Samsung phones available now – and replace it with a version with Snapdragon. Switch the first happened On Samsung’s Swedish website. Now the customer wait is finally over in Germany.

Today, Samsung has removed the Exynos version of the phone and replaced it with the Snapdragon equivalent Unfortunately, the phone cannot be purchased at this time, although it is likely to change soon.
Samsung has sold flagships on various chipsets around the world for a long timenow. It experienced some counterattack from the technology community on the Internet – in particular Galaxy S20 series. In addition to this global chip shortage has probably also affected the manufacturer. Whatever the reason, customers can rejoice!

For now Galaxy S20 FE (4G) The Snapdragon processor is only available in Germany, but we expect other European countries and perhaps the UK to follow soon. There is also 5G version from the same phone that has always had a Qualcomm processor. This is € 100 more expensive than a standard model, priced at € 599 and offers great hardware for the price, with three cameras, excellent performance (especially now) and extra features like wireless charging and water resistance.

The Snapdragon version of the S20 FE (and all other S20 models) performs significantly better in key areas such as performance, battery life and even camera quality in some situations.

Samsung has used Snapdragon flagship models in the U.S. and Asian markets, but the company tends to use its internal Exynos chips by default in Europe and the UK, for example, and has never revealed the real reason for this.

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