Samsung’s affordable Galaxy A52 5G is on sale at the first decent discount ever


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Because of the recent enlargement of the United States budget friendly Galaxy A32 and A42 handsets with 5G support presumably threaten to affect slightly more expensive and higher-class attraction Galaxy A52 5G, Samsung seems to have subtly launched a very compelling sale.

The normal price is $ 499.99, a 2021 sequel to last year’s crazy favorite Galaxy A51 (which in turn followed in the footsteps of the incredibly successful 2019 Galaxy A50) is currently available on Samsung ‘s official US website for $ 424.99.
It’s a great $ 75 (or 15 percent) discount, and it’s good for unlocked Galaxy buyers A52 A 5G variant with no springs attached, as well as those who may want to pick a particular carrier right out of the bat … for some reason.
It doesn’t include Verizon, please note, though you should have no problem getting your unlocked phone to work on the largest US (4G LTE) network if you so choose. If you think about it, Big Red doesn’t yet sell this device directly, while retailers like Amazon and Best Buy aren’t able (or reluctant) to offer the same savings as Samsung self.
Already featured in a comprehensive list The best 5G phones of 2021 at its normal price, this reasonably efficient and good-looking 6.5-inch is, of course, even harder to resist at cash-bound fast food when sold at such a fairly substantial discount.
Compared to cheaper siblings, Samsung Galaxy A52 5G comes with an extra 2 gigs of RAM on the deck for a total of 6GB, as well as much better cameras. We’re talking about 64, 12, 5, and 5MP shooters at the back and one 32MP front snapper.
Perhaps most importantly, this Super AMOLED screen is significantly sharper than the screen A32 5G and A42 5GWith a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, but on the not so bright side of things, the battery is smaller, with a capacity of 4500 mAh.

Still, this very affordable bad boy offers great value for money right now, especially considering its IP67 waterproof design, headphone jack, microSD card slot and 15W charger as standard.


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