Samsung’s budget Galaxy A42 5G hits Visibley with two great deals


The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G was released in the United States last month with Verizon exclusivity. Now what can be considered one the best budget 5G phones the market is moving to Visibley.

Lift the Galaxy A42 5G from Visibe today

Verizon-supporting MVNO has confirmed that it will be by selling the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G starting today at $ 408 or $ 17 per month for 24 months, depending on the payment method you choose.SamsungThe Galaxy A42 5G features a large 6.6-inch AMOLED display connected to Android 11 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 750G chipset. There is also an impressive 128GB of storage that supports microSD cards.

If all that isn’t enough, the Galaxy A42 5G also offers a large 5000 mAh battery and quad-camera installation. The latter consists of 48MP + 8MP + 5MP + 5MP settings and the sensors act as main, ultra-wide, macro and depth projectors, respectively.

In honor of this, Visible has announced two campaigns. The first involves a free pair Samsung Galaxy Buds Live when there are enough supplies when you switch to Visible mode and import your current number.

The other isn’t stock dependent, and you’ll see a $ 150 prepaid Mastercard that you can use online when you switch to Visible mode and bring your number with you.

For those of you who don’t know, Visible offers unlimited data (plus unlimited messages and minutes) for $ 40 a month. Visible also offers a Party Plan feature (mostly a family plan) that can reduce service costs up to $ 25 / month when four members are added.


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