Samsung’s Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra 5G are on sale with some of the highest discounts


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Commercially released in January, Samsung’s latest high-end smartphones got a whole host surprisingly significant and surprisingly fast discounts both with and without springs.

With that in mind, you should at least be glad to hear that Amazon has revived the biggest deals on the unlocked S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra, probably for a limited time again. The e-commerce giant is currently playing both Best Buy and Samsung yourself, remember, so far Galaxy S21 serial campaigns without mandatory operator activation, monthly batch plans, or swaps.

Those dissatisfied with Samsung’s decision to leave the microSD card slot out of their flagship devices should also be delighted to see both the S21 and S21 Plus’s 256GB storage options for sale at the (reduced) price of their 128 gig lineup.

6.7 inches Samsung Galaxy S21 + In particular, with a 256GB local digital storage room, it currently looks like a very smart buyer getting $ 250 less than the usual $ 1,049.99 price for a single Phantom Black shade. If you can settle for half the internal storage (without a microSD card slot), Amazon lets you choose between black, silver, and purple with a slightly smaller $ 200 discount.
Normally available for $ 799.99 and $ 849.99 in 128 and 256 gig versions, “regular” size 6.2inches Samsung Galaxy S21 5G can be yours for $ 100 and $ 150 less than usual at the time of writing.


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