Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 debuts at Unpacked ‘later this summer’


Official: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Debuts Unpacked 'Later This Summer'

Despite rumors to the contrary, Samsung did not report Galaxy Watch 4 At MWC 2021 and instead focused exclusively on One UI Watch software. However, it confirmed recent speculation about a future unpacked event.

The next Galaxy Unpacked event will take place this summer

Samsung has announced that it will hold an unpacked event “later this summer” where it will introduce a number of new products, including what it calls the “new Galaxy Watch” and “the upcoming”. Galaxy Watch“The South Korean brand has not yet confirmed the final brand of its next-generation smartwatch, but the official look marketing images suggests that it arrives on the shelves according to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Two versions are understood to be under development.

The upcoming smart watch range will be the first ever to include the One UI Watch and a new, unified Wear platform developed by Samsung and Google to replace the Tizen and Wear operating systems.

Which day has Samsung chosen for the uncompressed?

Samsung has not yet set an exact date for the next product information event. Recent speculation, however, suggests that it will take place in the first week of August before shipments of the product later in the month.
In addition to the Galaxy Watch 4 smart watches, Samsung is expected to present Galaxy Buds 2 wireless earbuds, foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. One product it certainly won’t announce is the Galaxy Note 21, which is off.

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